Reactie op mozaïeksteen 

woensdag 11 april 2012 22:31:12


Good afternoon,

My name is Berta, and I am a Spanish girl that has been these last days in the area of Holland, Germany and Belgium with my boyfriend and two friends more. This morning I have visited the Sint-Servaasbasiliek in Maastrich. When I was walking through the corridor that is next to the garden I have seen a beautiful rock with lots of colourful stones and two papers. One of them was in English and because I'm English teacher I've could read it. This piece of rock is the 6th part of the mosaic "Sould Energy".
I've been doubting if I could take it or not, because I had to take a flight to Spain and I wasn't sure about that, but finally I have taken it, so the 6th piece of your project is now in Pamplona, a city in Navarra (in the North of Spain)
This part of the mosaic is very beautiful, I like it very much because it's very colourful and it's unique. I have shown it to all my family and everybody likes it, so it's going to live with me, if you don't mind.
I like your idea very much, so I have to saty CONGRATULATIONS!!!!.
I hope you receive this mail.

Good luck and thank you


Berta Reclusa Asiain